Best camera for beginner photographers 2018

Best camera for beginner photographers 2018


In this post I will discuss the best option for the first time traveler so they can get the best camera for the trip.

If you feel you don’t belong in the beginner photography, then check out Amateur Photographer or Professional Photographer.

You don’t need the high end tech stuff to get good quality images for your trip.

You also don’t want the complicated equipment that you may spend hours just learning how to get one photo with.

So in this post I will guide you through the stuff you will need if you are looking to take good photographs but not spend too much and not get something you can’t work.

Okay so you have booked your trip, done your budget, sorted your flights and everything so now you want to sort out stuff to take such as a camera.

Everyone is different, some think by buying the most expensive camera available, they will automatically get the best of everything but this is not the case.

If you’re only a beginner in photography, the last thing you need is to start a trip with a camera you’ll struggle to use.

Plus the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on camera you may damage.

I will talk about your options and my recommendations if you’re doing a trip with Trek America.

Now with photos you have three different options,

  • Mobile phone camera
  • Point & shoot camera
  • DSLR camera

Chances are you’re going to be taking at least two of those options, most people have a mobile phone.

Advantages of using a mobile phone

  • You have it on you pretty much most of the time
  • You can post images to different apps like Facebook, Instagram etc on the go
  • Some mobile phones have great, easy to use functions
  • depending on the phone, a large screen to see the photo your taking
  • Weight and size
  • Price


Disadvantages of using a mobile phone

  • Speed can often be slow
  • You will be using it for other things as well so keeping it charged might be a problem especially if you got a full day out somewhere worth taking a lot of photos/videos.
  • Most phones have good memory but with so many apps, music and other things taking up so much room the last thing you want is to get to an amazing place and be stuck with no space left. You don’t want to start deleting stuff on the go.
  • If you lose it, that’s it, all those memories gone but that can be said of anything really.
  • Lack of options
  • Quality of image.

During our trip, one person did lose his mobile phone about 2 weeks before the end and hadn’t been using any other camera. Lucky enough though it was recovered by the end of the trip as a tour guide found it and sent it to a hotel we’d be at.  That said, he was without a camera for almost over a week.


Advantages of using a Point & shoot camera

  • It’s purely for taking photos
  • the quality is usually much better than a mobile phone
  • memory cards are far more easy to change than on a mobile phone
  • battery lasts longer and you can buy spares
  • Most can do video as well
  • It has a lot of different options/effects available
  • Latest ones allow you to upload to the internet or transfer to your phone via an app
  • Easy to use
  • Weight and size

Disadvantages of using a Point & shoot camera

  • No viewfinder
  • Speed – only in some cameras
  • Quality of image compared to a DSLR
  • Changing lens not available


Advantages of using a DSLR

  • Imagine quality
  • Changing lens gives you tons of options, along with filters and more
  • Speed
  • Viewfinder
  • Manual controls
  • Most allow video these days and give amazing quality

Disadvantages of using a DSLR

  • Huge learning curve
  • Price
  • Weight and size
  • Maintenance with keeping it clean especially when changing lenses



So when it comes to camera, it’s great to always have your phone on you, always moments when you feel the need to capture something and you don’t want to be carrying a DLSR with you everywhere.

Mobiles are also great for selfies  and for those quick shot moments where you might not get the chance to sort out another camera in time.

Best camera for beginner photographers 2018


I won’t talk about the type of phone I recommend in this post as it would be far too difficult, new phones come out every week or so, all with new improvements . Plus it’s unlikely you will going on a trip without your own mobile phone. However check for any future post on what I do recommend when it comes to mobile phones.




My recommendation for Point & shoot camera is the Sony Cyber-shot WX220, this may not be top of the range camera but this is suited for a beginner and is a great price.

Best camera for beginner photographers 2017

  • Great price
  • Nice and small, fits in pocket perfectly
  • 10x Zoon
  • Built in Wifi and NFC
  • Plenty of filters to try out
  • 1080p movies
  • Lens 25-250mm
  • 18.2 Mega pixel



This will take much better quality photos than you mobile phone.

It takes great photos, simple turn on the camera and shoot, no having to change setting or anything else.

If you do want to experiment and try different things with it, you can, plenty of settings to keep the keen photographer a little busy.

I still use this camera today as it’s great to use for literally everything. I use it for my YouTube channel, I use it to take photos and videos of our puppy, site seeing etc.

Other than that, it’s definitely my favourite camera to use, so quick and easy.

The battery lasts long enough but its still recommended to take a couple of spare batteries. The good thing about this camera is its very quick and easy to change your battery.

The camera takes SD cards and with a 32GB, that can last you a long time. Just photos alone I didn’t even fill half on my 80 day trip.

The video quality of the camera was also amazing, you could change the settings for video but I went for the best the camera can do which was 1080p.

Camera comes with the usual stuff so charge included, battery, USB cable, strap and manual


Pouch for the camera, which is big enough for the camera, charge, cables, spare batteries. The pouch is very useful as well as you can connect it to your belt so easy access when on the go.

You could buy the camera with a soft case BUY NOW









Camera pouch

Or you can buy a pouch separately. I recommend this one.







Screen Protection

Screen protection which is very useful as you want to keep the screen nice and clean.









Joby Gorillapod is also useful if you’re going to be doing selfies or even a vlog.

Had I been doing Youtube at the time of my trip, I would have used this a lot to record some videos.






Spare Batteries

Spare batteries, I would recommend buying an extra two, just saves you having to charge every night at camp especially as some camps might not have enough power points.





                                                 SD Cards (Memory)

Buy a few 32GB cards,  as video can fill the card up fairly quick. If just doing photos, then have at least two. I recommend 32GB cards, rather than buying a 128GB card just in case the absolute worse happens and the card fails, least with smaller SD cards, your memories are spread over several, rather than just one.

16GB  BUY NOW   







Once you taken the photos, quick button on the camera and you can view them all on screen. Then transfer them over to your mobile phone to add to your social media.

Now if you’re feeling daring to try your chances with a DSLR then read on…



(Digital single-lens reflex)

It is harder to recommend a DSLR to a beginner but whatever you choose do make sure to take it out before the trip and experiment with it. Get use to the controls, practice as much as you can, and check out tutorials online.

This way you won’t be messing around when you finally do go on your trip and you’ll get some excellent shots.

So for a beginner I would recommend the Canon EOS 1300D.

Best camera for beginner photographers 2017


  • 18 Mega pixel
  • 1080p movies
  • Wifi and NFC
  • Lots of lenses to choose from
  • Nice size and weight
  • Great quality images






It’s an 18 megapixel camera so straight out the box, good quality but with any DSLR, it’s the person in control of the camera who has the power to create the best image.

For a DSLR, this comes in at a low price so if you do end up not getting too much into photography, then you haven’t over spent.

This camera comes with many features such as WiFi and NFC technology built in which means you can transfer images straight to your smart phone.


It doesn’t have all the latest stuff you get in  a camera these days but it does good for the price and perfect for a beginner. This will also do great videos at a resolution of 1080p.

You can choose to purchase this without a lens but then you will have the decision of what lens to buy.  I would always opt for EF-S18-55 lens which comes as standard, this will give you a great range of photos.

Link for this package deal  BUY NOW




Camera bag

So with this camera you will need to get yourself a camera bag, I recommend this one as its got space for everything you will need including extra lenses when you decide to upgrade to them.

  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to access your camera
  • Ease access your accessories
  • Waterproof
  • Very protective





You may also want to buy a tripod for those steady shots. This one is absolutely perfect for travel as its smaller than most.

Also comes with a bag which makes it easy to carry.







Spare batteries are a must with a DSLR, the camera already comes with one and a charger so all you need is at least a couple of spare ones for those days where you might not get to charge


These batteries I find are the best, they aren’t too expensive and come in a pack of two so with the one you already own with the camera, that’s 3 batteries.





SD Card (Memory)

Now these ones are a bit more expensive than the ones for Point & shoot cameras but a DSLR works best with the best SD cards possible.








For now I would avoid buying any lens unless you have more knowledge on cameras, in which case you should be checking out the Amateur photographer traveler post.

In my next post I will discuss the cameras aimed more at those with more experience in photography, the amateur photographer.


Best camera for beginner photographers 2018