Best camera for professional photographers 2018

Best camera for professional photographers 2018


Okay so if you have made it to this page, you have probably skipped the last two posts. This post is more for the professional photographer. If you find that you don’t have much experience, please go back and read the beginner photographer. If you find you have some experience but not ready to say you’re a professional, then go back and read the amateur photographer section.

Now as mentioned in previous posts, these days we have three camera types

  • Mobile phone
  • Point & shoot
  • DSLR

Now the beginner is likely to only take two of those on a long trip unless they want to over pack and confuse themselves. These days everyone has a mobile phone with a fairly good camera.

A DSLR is likely to be too complicated for a beginner to take on such a long trip unless they have taken the time to get some experience.

The Amateur photographer though is more likely to take all three. They will take the Point & shoot for those quick shots and probably end up using this most of the trip. They will however try and experiment and get those shots they want with the DSLR. Could be a keen photographer on their way to being a professional so could end up using the DSLR more. Mobile phones are great for the seflie types who want to post to social media straight away and it’s a bit harder to do with DSLR due to the weight.

As for the professional photographer, no doubt you will have your mobile phone, it will also come in handy since most Point & shoot, DSLR cameras have wifi and NFC. This makes things very handy as you can transfer your images on the go, get a good view on them and even share them on your social media whilst on the go. The professional is definitely more likely to spend most of their using the DSLR with several lenses to choose from. Every location you go to, may require a different eye so have several lenses helps capture those moments.


Best camera for beginner photographers 2018


Point & Shoot


Okay so for this I’m going to recommend the Sony DSCRX100M5

Best camera for professional photographers 2018


  • 180 degree Tilting screen
  • Small and lightweight
  • 4k video
  • Very fast Autofocus at 0.05sec
  • Large Sensor
  • Viewfinder
  • 20.1 Mega pixel



So first thing you will notice it has the fastest auto focus (AF) in the world so you can capture things with a blink of an eye.

With this little camera, you get a one inch sensor, but you get the equivalent to 24-70mm lens, which offers f/1.8 -f/2.8 max aperture.

So you will have all your friends talking about how amazing your images are with this camera. By far Best point & shoot camera of 2017. Best compact camera of 2017 not only does great images but you can also do video at 4k which seems to be what everyone wants to shoot in these days.


You also get a great flip screen so if you happen to be someone who does want to Youtube, this camera is more than perfect for you.

You’ll have the best quality video for your channel and without looking silly, you can see yourself directly above using the flip screen, so you get the perfect angle every time.

The build quality is outstanding so you won’t feel like you’re going to break especially if you have big hands.



The camera doesn’t have a touch screen but who needs one these days, its more for a mobile phone than anything else, besides keeps your screen nice and clean to view back the image you just taken rather than loads of thumb prints.

The menu is very easy to navigate and select the different options you may want. There simply is no better compact camera for 2018.

Surprising little add which most cameras don’t include is a slow motion option, be sure to check it out when your purchase the camera.

As with most professionals photographers when it comes to cameras, we like to take control and this camera does that with its manual focus.

Download the Sony App to add the usual function of WiFi and NFC so transfer those photos and videos over to your tablet, laptop or mobile phone to share on your social media.

Overall I could not fault this camera.




Camera Case

This fits more like a jacket for your camera so your able to attach to a tripod, have easy access and keep it secure from moving about in this leatherette custom fit jacket case.

BUY NOW       With Camera

BUY NOW      Without Camera




Alternatively if leather is not your thing and just want something good quality and not so expensive then this is perfect.

Attach it your belt.

Top loading for ease of access

10mm of reinforced padding surrounding your camera





Battery and Charger

When doing a trip like this it is vital to have a spare battery, now you can use the camera to charge the battery via USB but with this package, you get two spare batteries and a charger which can charge two at a time, saving you a lot of time.





 SD Card (Memory)

With this camera having 4k, its advised to use Extreme Pro cards rather than the regular ones for better performance.







Extra tip : Take photos with more than one camera everywhere you go, its fun to see the results and also great as a back up just in case the absolute worse happens and you loose a camera.



Even a professional might want to take some selfies or use it for a vlog of your travels.









Short like me or just want to get your camera at good height, distance from yourself, then these are great.





This camera doesn’t have to be for a professional, a beginner or amateur photographer can also purchase this camera, its just top of the range, has extras that are more suited for a professional.

You could happily use this as a beginner photographer and just use the auto settings till you feel ready to experiment.

Now what could be even better than this camera do I hear you say?  Well if you’re a professional, you’re going to want complete control, including changing lenses and what better than a DSLR.




For this I’m going to recommend the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

You are spending all this money to take a trip to some amazing places, I think spending all this money for the best piece of kit you can buy is worth it. You will not regret the image quality you will return home with, you will be envy of all your friends.

Join a photography club and have all the members jealous at your breathtaking results.

This camera comes as body only, you could shop elsewhere to get it with a lens but when paying this much money for a camera, most already own lens or would prefer to get them separately. This way you can choose the right lens suitable for you, rather than having the one that comes as standard.


Best camera for professional photographers 2018

  • 4 MP CMOS full-frame sensor
  • DIGIC 6+ Image Processor
  • 4K video up to 30p
  • 4K frame grab producing 8.8 MP still images
  • Continuous shooting of 7fps
  • ISO sensitivity ranging from 100-32,000
  • 61-point AF (41 cross-type)
  • Dual-pixel CMOS AF
  • 2-inch touchscreen Clear View LCD II with 1,620k dots
  • Optical viewfinder with approximately 100% coverage
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC



This camera includes the usual stuff so you can take amazing photos, then use the WiFI or NFC to transfer them over to your smart phone and share on social media.

If you don’t have any lenses its probably best to order here (Post coming soon)

Or you can order the body only option and then place an order at the same time for a lens, I would recommend this one for now but check out my future posts on the best lenses to buy.

EF 24-70mm F/2.8L II USM Zoom Lens





SD Cards (Memory)         As this is such a top of the range camera, having several SD cards is recommended as these will fill up quick, especially if shooting 4k.









Canon BG-E20 Battery Grip

This is a great extra item if you want to save worrying about running out battery power, plus it gives you a few extra control.





Canon Battery + charger 

This is a great charger as it can do two batteries at the same time. This package also comes with two batteries.









Gorilla Pod (Suitable for DSLR)

For those seflies, vlogging and keeping the camera at arm length.








Tripod + Monopod 

Great tripod and monopod. Won’t take up too much room either with your travels, comes with its own bag.








Camera bag

Lets not forget a camera bag to carry our camera and any accessories.






Be sure to check back on my future posts to see what lenses I recommend for the trip.