Best Solo Travel Tips

Hi welcome to my blog about the Best Solo Travel Tips.

This is a guide on those who wish to travel solo but don’t know where to start. Well take your time and read on through for all the tips you will ever need.

I have always wanted to travel and see the world but sometimes things just get in the way.

Jobs, friends, relationships, even family.

Circumstances change over time and we feel like jetting off but then find ourselves alone, no one to go with or just wanting to get away from everyone and everything.

Whether it be a short break or a nice long break, this guide is here for you.

Best solo travel tips.

I’m not an expert in this field but I’m no longer a beginner.

And as someone who did this completely on my own, I will go through it all step by step. I never found a guide to help me through this and never asked for help.  Many people like a guide so I created Best solo travel tips.

So let’s discuss why you came here, you obviously want to travel and you want to find the best solo travel tips you can find.

Well you came to the right place.

Let me introduce myself first.


I’m Drew had been doing the 9-5 job Best solo travel tipsfor so long and concentrating on everything but myself for so long, sounds kind of boring, it was. I had always wanted to travel but once I reached a certain age, parents told me no more family holidays, you want to go away, you go away with friends, partner or alone.


There lies the problem for me, my friends never had any $money$ and had completely different tastes to me when it came to going away.



My sisters had their partners and their kids and I never wanted to be the 3rd or 5th wheel of the group. It’s never fun being the singleton when going away with other couples.


The idea of going away alone never appealed to me, not with my anxiety issues and the constant worry of what the hell do I do.

  • I had never booked a flight before
  • I never had to go the airport alone and get through security, find the plane on my own.
  • I never flew to another country, had to find my own way out of an airport and get to a hotel on my own.

It was all too scary for me to even think about it so, nothing ever happened.

Years passed and still no holiday but then one day, I had enough.

I found this great website and it inspired me. I did my research, saw YouTube videos of reviews for the company and decided to phone them up.

They reassured me pretty much straight away, all my worries soon disappeared and my new adventure awaited me.


Now why do you want to travel alone?


Could be a number of reasons, such as

  • No one is free the same time you are,
  • No one has enough  $money$
  • Everyone is coupled up but you
  • Don’t fancy the usual holiday that most seem to do these days with the laying on the beach all day and drinking all night
  • You want to get out there and explore the world
  • People have let you down
  • Escaping from everyone and everything you know
  • A change, a new beginning for life
  • To find yourself.

Whatever your reason for wanting to travel alone, I can tell you now, it will be the best decision of your life. It completely changed mine and I have never felt this good.

So let’s take the next step and trust me, it’s not going to be as scary as you think.


So what are the biggest worries for travelling alone:

  • What if I get lost?
  • How will I meet new people?
  • What if I offend someone with different cultures and customs?
  • I am safe?
  • What if my family/friends don’t approve?
  • Won’t I be lonely?
  • Wouldn’t I get bored?
  • Will I get homesick?

Well in the next section I will answer all those and you will feel a lot better for it.

So now you know you want to go away and you have your reasons but now to chose where.

Ask yourself a few questions first,

  • What do you want to achieve from this travel?
  • What sort of stuff do you want to see?
  • How long do you want to go away for?

As this is probably the first time travelling alone, I will highly recommend a tour group trip.

This is the one I highly recommend as I did this exact trip myself.

The Great 48 with Trek America

Now this trip is 80 days so some of you probably can’t get that much time off work but it is a once in a lifetime chance.

This is the kind of trip where you will see so much. Its absolutely perfect for the first time solo travel because guess what, you’re not alone.

Ah, now you think you might have been conned into thinking this is all about solo travel.  It still is but with a difference.

Firstly you are going alone, you’re not with friends or family or anyone you know.  These people are complete strangers but will feel like your best friends at the end of it.

Not only will you create new friends, you’ll have memories with these new friends for life.

So let’s get back to answering all the questions you have about this and why Trek America is best.

What if I get lost?

Very unlikely to happen, I got dropped off at the airport by my Dad. Followed the signs to security, and then the Terminal. I did however make things extra difficult for myself by choosing to go for a cheaper flight. This involved me having to change flights. Still had no problems with this as airports are all well sign posted.

Getting from the plane to the hotel, was fairly easy as well. Straight to the taxi rank and straight to the hotel. Depending on your hotel, often you will find a FREE hopper bus service from the airport.

How will I meet new people?

Easy, each Trek is different but all involve groups, usually a mini bus full so up to 14 people. I was lucky enough to have a average size group of 10, plus 1 trek leader. Most people going on these treks, you will find people from all around the world going.  You could become best friends with someone who lives on the other side of the world, giving you another reason to travel. Your all in the same boat as they say, as everyone is on their own.

That’s the beauty of Trek America, you go alone but so is everyone else.

What if I offend someone with different cultures and customs?

Try not to worry about these, if there are any situation, trek leaders are there to inform you everything you need to know.  Some of us had to get a custom to the American way of tipping.

Am I safe?

Of course, you’re always safer going in a group, rather than going these places alone. This is why I do recommend this company as you will make new friends and get to see these places together. You do have the option going off on your own when you arrive at places but then it’s up to you and how safe you feel.

What if my family/friends don’t approve?

It’s your life, live it. I was 32 and still living with my parents when I told them I want to quit my job and do something no one in my family had ever done before but they saw it was something that could do me good in the long run.

Won’t I be lonely?

You don’t really get the chance to be lonely, yes it’s nice to have your own space which you will get but on this trip, you will be glad not to be alone. From the times you want to walk to the restroom at night, to exploring the huge cities or walking down the Grand Canyon.

You arrive alone but once you meet your fellow trekkers, its pack the van and then 24/7 together til it’s over. Obviously you can get times alone when arriving at camps, going out, sometimes even sleeping though most occasions you will be sharing a tent.

Wouldn’t I get bored?

Definitely not, there was always something to do, never once found myself bored.  There is always some time you can use to charge items, chat, catch up with writing a diary, researching your next city visit. Even in the van, catch up on sleep, read or just stare at the sites as you go past.

Will I get homesick?

No chance, you’ll be having too much fun to remember people back at home but if you do, depends on the length you do and type of person you are. I did the 80 day trip and only had one Skype call the entire time, rest of the conversation was via a Facebook group I started with my family.

Part of my reason to do the trip in the first place was to get away from family and everything else. No one had any issues with being homesick on our trip, most places had Wi-FI so Skype/Facetime were no problem.  But if you are the type to want constant connection with people back home, then check out my future post on items to take with you.

What do you want to achieve from this travel?

It’s up to you, I was surprised on the first day we all sat down together, introduced ourselves and gave our reasons for the trip, most were very similar.

  • To get away,
  • Once in a lifetime experience,
  • To build up confidence
  • Meet new people.

Whatever your reasons, I’d be shocked if you didn’t find what you were looking for.

What sort of stuff do you want to see?

Everyone had their ideal locations they wanted to see along the way, most were New York or the Grand Canyon.  All I can say is there is something for everyone on this trip. Even if you find 90% of the things listed on the trip aren’t for you, it’s still worth every penny.

Whether you like the big cities, beautiful small towns, or the amazing landscapes, there is something for everyone on this trip.

Whether you want to do the canyoneering, the big mountain hikes or just have a lazy day by the pool, you have so much choice.

How long do you want to go away for?

From talking with many other solo travellers, most want to go away for as long as possible. Well in the States, without making things more complicated for yourself, the longest period is 90 days.

The Great 48 is 80 days so you can even give yourself a few extra days at the start and finish. Use this time to relax before you start or before you go home.

If you’re in a job that doesn’t allow much time off, then there are shorter trips available.  I highly recommend taking a leap and doing a once in a lifetime trip.

Check out the video below which shows some of the highlights from my trip. (Just so you know I had hours of footage and so hard to edit down to this short video)

In the next post I will go into detail on booking your trip, sorting out your visa and flights.