Black Friday Sale – Trek America




Black Friday Sale – Trek America


Black Friday Sale – Trek America. This is a rushed post as I only found out today that Trek America are actually holding a sale on for their trips. If this is your first time visiting the website, then check out the previous posts on why you should choose Trek America.  Best solo travel tips. 

Be sure to check out the rest of the website on tips, and more such as:

Booking your solo trip

Budgeting for your solo trip

And if your a keen photographer, we have a post for the beginner, amateur and professional.


If the video above hasn’t convinced you on the type of stuff you’d see on a trip with Trek America, then I’m not sure what else will. Be sure to read further and I will discuss the many different things about the trip.

If you want to go ahead and book, you can either go to my post on booking your solo trip or go straight to the Trek America website.

Please use the links provided on this site as I am an affiliate with Amazon and Trek America which help keep this website going. Thank you.


Follow the link to Trek America and it will take you to the list of trips offering discount.

Many of the trips offer the full 50% off which to be fair is a pretty good deal.

Now there are small trips from 3 days all the way up to 75 days.


Southern Sun From Los Angeles

This trip is 21 days.

Begins in L.A and ends in New York.

Places you’ll visit L.A, Las Vegas, Zion National Park, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon (A Must) Monument Valley, Santa Fe, Amarillo, Austin, Louisiana, New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Ocoee, Appalachian Mountains, Washington DC, Philadelphia to New York.

I did the biggest trip Trek America offer and even this includes a few places we didn’t get to visit.

So some of the highlights include:

  • Hollywood sign
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Body’s museum in Las Vegas
  • Helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon
  • Sunrise on Monument Valley
  • French Quarter in New Orleans

When I went to L.A, this was the first time I took the chance to go off and explore on my own for the day. As a gamer I was amazed at how much the city was captured in Grand Theft Auto 5. I took a tour of a few shops before I took a seat in a luxury cinema. Then made my way down to the beach, walked my way down to muscle beach and back.

Black Friday Sale - Trek America


Next day we did a quick stop via the Hollywood sign and off to Las Vegas.

If three weeks is too long for you, then why not try a two trip with the Westerner.



This trip is 13 days.

Begins in L.A and ends in San Francisco.

Places you’ll visit. L.A, San Diego, Colorado River, Betty & Rusty’s Cowboy Camp, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Route 66, Las Vegas, Death Valley National Park, Yosemite National Park and San Francisco.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Hiking Yosemite National Park
  • Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
  • Alcatraz in San Francisco
  • Hiking down the Grand Canyon (make sure to have plenty of water & food)
  • The Strip in Las Vegas
  • Hollywood Boulevard in L.A

Not as many places as the other trip but to fit all that in for two weeks, amazing. Once again this trip includes places even the Great 48 didn’t do such as San Diego, and Cowboy Camp.

Yosemite National Park is an absolute must for anyone who likes a good view and hike. Don’t be afraid to travel all the way to the top, you will be amazed by the view.

Black Friday Sale - Trek America



Southern BLT from New York

This trip is 21 days.

Begins in New York and ends in L.A

Places you’ll visit New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Virginia, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Louisiana, Austin, San Angelo, Santa Fe, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Route 66, Las Vegas,  San Diego and L.A

Highlights of this trip:

  • Empire State building in New York
  • Rocky Steps in Philadelphia
  • White house in Washington DC
  • Do some line dancing in Nashville
  • Nightlife in New Orleans
  • The Alamo cinema in Austin (voted one of the best in the world)

One of the highlights for me was Nashville. When your travelling, you will stay at a lot of KOA, (Kampgrounds of America) This particular one had a few singers on one evening and they were great. Nashville also had an amazing Uber driver who played us some of his music on the journey back to camp.

Black Friday Sale - Trek America


Not all trips have 50% off but doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal. Check out these ones with 15% off.


Grand Trek

This trip is 42 days.

Begins in New York and ends in New York.

Places you’ll visit, New York, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Minnesota, Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore, Cody, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Great Basin Nevada, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, California Coast, Santa Barbara, L.A, Las Vegas, Zion National Park, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Santa Fe, Amarillo, Austin, Louisiana,New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Ocoee, Virginia, Washington DC, Philadelphia and back to New York.

Highlights of this trip:

  • Niagara Falls
  • Bike ride in Chicago
  • Mall of America in Minnesota
  • Pier 39 in San Francisco
  • Philly Steak & Cheese sandwich in Philadelphia
  • Graceland in Memphis

This trip sounds great to me, you will see an absolute ton of stuff.  This trip also includes places I didn’t get to see along the way. Every few years Trek America probably change places to have less time in the van and see more.


Now its not just the 48 States you can go to. Currently on sale at the moment.

  • Hawaii Big Island – 8 day trip – 30% off
  • Costa Rica BLT – 9 day trip – 20% off
  • Mexican BLT – 9 day trip – 20% off
  • Glaciers and Grizzlies plus – 11 day trip – 15% off
  • Canadian Parks West from Vancouver – 17 day trip – 15% off

Now there are smaller trips from 3 days all the way up to 75 days.

Reasons to choose a longer trip.

You will see far more, visit more places and do more.

Building long lasting friendships. I can’t imagine spending only 3 days with people you meet on a trip. It maybe enough time to form some friendships but I think its more for those who just want to see places.

The longer the trip, the longer you spend with people. Your not going to get on with every single person on your trip, we’re all different after all. There is however enough people on every trip to form a group with.

My biggest worry was being a tea-total kinda guy whether I’d be the only one on the trip and be left alone a lot. This wasn’t the case, from day one 3 others weren’t interested in drinking anyway.


Some of the Questions I have been asked about the trip.

Can i ask how much spending money you took all in?

I’m not sure what my total was spending money wise but I did budget for my trip so if you want tips check out this budget for your solo trip.

Best advice though would be take Thomas Cook payment card for travel, load it up with some money before you go. Take some cash as well and a debit card. If your doing a long trip like I did, then every few weeks if you need to, transfer some money over. Alternatively you could always ask a parent to keep hold of your debt/credit card and transfer money when you request.


If your travelling a lot, do you get to see much as most of your time surely is driving about?

You are in the van a lot when doing these trips but the longest day we ever had was probably 9hours in the van. That is of course with stops a long the way. Most trek leaders will stop at places worth seeing. You will also stop on average every 2hours for a toilet break, chance to get some snacks. You will stop for meals as well and some places may surprise you.

The best pulled pork sandwich we had from the whole trip was at a service station.


What are the toilets and showers like? are they clean?

As someone with colitis, this was one of my big worries before going. I was shocked at how clean everywhere was to be fair. As you stay at most KOA campgrounds, these are very clean. Showers were also great, good pressure and never once were cold. Depending on your trek leader and where they choose to setup camp, you may find some not up to your standard. The worst one we came across was in Michigan but this one was a last minute place.


This section will be updated with any future questions.