About me

Wait a minute…..you actually clicked on this page to read about me, why?

Just kidding, thanks for taking an interest though.

Well I’m  a mid 30’s guy from a small town near Birmingham, England.  Have spent my life wanting to travel around but things got in the way.

It was either promises with the best friend to road trip somewhere or go with that special someone and life happens. Friends disappear or don’t have the money and relationships might not last.

I got to a point where I had almost given up and thought travel was off the cards for me especially when I became ill and got colitis. Not a nice illness to have when you want to see the world as it makes you worry even more.

Then one day I just had enough of everything going on in my life, nothing was changing. I could use the money I saved as a deposit on a flat to finally be independent but other than where I live, nothing else would change. After working out costs, even a weeks holiday would be unlikely unless my wages shot up.

So I went for it and booked the trip. Saw amazing places and made friends for life.


Even now still talking to my friends from the trip I did and planning on more trips with them.

I returned from my trip happier than I’ve ever been and thought it was time to change my life career wise. I tried a few things here and there with methods of making money online but I was never passionate about it.

Then someone recommended to me I should start my own blog. I had no idea at first what to do it on but came up with several ideas, this being the first. If this works for me, I will eventually create more websites in order to help people.

I will be eventually doing more travel so keep an eye out for future travels.